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Now that it’s November, it’s safe to say that the holidays are just around the corner! While I love the holiday season, I know that it can be a stressful time for a lot of people, especially when it comes to giving gifts. I thought it would be best to break down my holiday gift guide now, so I can give you guys a head start to your holiday shopping before things get too crazy in December. 

Regardless of your financial situation, I have put together a wide range of gift ideas that you can gift your friends, family members and loved ones, without breaking the bank. As well, instead of buying gifts that you know your friends will never use, I included gift ideas that are practical and will hopefully encourage your friends and family to live healthier and happier lives. Isn’t that what the holiday’s are all about?

Without further ado, here is my list of gifts under $100 that I personally would love to receive, are practical and that won’t do too much damage to your bank account!


Ok, you guys know that I am a coffee addict, and I am sure you know at least one person in your life who is too. For the special people in our lives who can’t live without their daily cups of coffee, I suggest gifting them with Nespresso’s Festive Selection 3 Sleeves Assortment. Each sleeve comes with 10 pods, which means you will be essentially gifting 30 delicious cups of coffee that are limited edition. This gift is super practical, affordable and is something that you know will not go to waste. If you don’t want to just gift coffee, gifting a few coffee mugs to go with it is always a good call. If you’re feeling like you want to spend a bit extra you could always gift the smallest nespresso coffee maker- now that is a gift anyone would be pleased with!

2. Travel Mugs or Collapsible Cups

If your friends or family are missing out and don’t own a Nespresso machine, you can always gift them with a travel mug! The Vertuo Travel Mugs are made from double-walled stainless steel and are an ideal gift for people who are always on the go. As well, I recently purchased the Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup, and this bad boy is silicone free, made from recyclable materials and is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic I use. Not only are these gifts totally functional, they are also environmentally conscious, which you know I AM ALL FOR!

3. Gisou

Aside from the fact that I have a huge girl crush on Negin, this hair oil is AMAZING and is definitely something that should be shared with EVERYONE! It's a great lightweight oil that makes my hair smell nice, look shiny and it adds a good amount of moisture. If $84 is above your budget, you can always grab the travel-sized option for $45! Honestly, a little goes a long way with this product and you definitely get your money’s worth because it lasts a long time. What better gift to share with your friends than beautiful, lush-looking hair? Aside from the hair oil, they have heat protectant spray, wave spray and a hair mask- all great gifts to find under the tree.

4. Indigo – Book Gift Card

You can never go wrong with an Indigo gift card. Period. As I get older, there’s nothing like relaxing and getting cozy on a cold winter’s day with a good book. Choosing books for people can be tricky sometimes, which is why I usually opt for a gift card. Indigo is also a great place to get a gift card for because they have much more than just books- see my Indigo holiday picks here. This is a great gift to give if you are tight on time and cash, which let’s face it, most of us are.


5. Pyjama Set

Similar to the feeling of reading a good book on a cold winter’s day, it’s always nice to relax in a cozy pair of pyjama’s. This is one of many reasons why pyjama’s make a great holiday gift, and you can never have too many sets of pyjama’s. I also find that pyjama’s are a great gift to give because they are something people always need, but don’t often think to buy for themselves. I’ve gotten my mom a Pyjama set far more times than i’d like to admit.

6. Scarf and Gloves

Rolling with the theme of staying cozy this holiday season, I think giving a scarf and gloves set is always a nice and thoughtful gift to give, especially to our mom’s, grandma’s or to anyone really. I have never received a snuggly, oversized scarf that I didn’t love…just saying.

7.  Men’s Grooming Kit

If you are in need of a gift for a male friend, family member, or boyfriend, a grooming kit could always be a fun choice. Saje offers the Men’s Skin Care Kit, and it comes with a deodorant, aftershave toner, facial moisturizer and a soap bar, which are pretty much the essentials you need to stay fresh and clean. Plus, all the products contain 100% natural ingredients, are vegan, and are not tested on animals – can I just say WOO! What more can you ask for in a gift?

9. Essential Oils & Diffuser

Share the gift of relaxation with an essential oil diffuser! These baby’s are awesome and have numerous health benefits, including helping you sleep better, reducing anxiety, and improving your overall health. Diffusers are a great way to set the mood for a relaxing and peaceful night, and we definitely could all use more of that in our lives.

Writing this gift guide has made me SO excited for the holiday season! I hope my list has given you some inspiration and that you are not frantically running around last minute trying to find the perfect gifts for people.  

Remember, aside from all these wonderful gift ideas, the most important gift we can give our loved ones is the gift of being PRESENT!