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Ok ok so it’s about that time of year (at least in Canada) where the days are getting shorter, colder, and well…greyer. Most of us retreat into the cozy safety of our homes, only leaving for work, holiday parties, and the semi-ocassional grocery shop. Speaking for myself, when I do leave, I am guilty of mostly wearing monochromatic black and grey outfits. I mean, who cares, it’s winter, it’s grey, and no one can see my outfit, right? 

Wrong. This year, I want to have more fun and make my winter wardrobe more colourful. No longer will my outfit be a slave to snow and my lack of Vitamin-D. Here are some ideas of how to keep your winter wardrobe colourful, fresh, and happy. So I teamed up with Hudson’s Bay x TOPSHOP to bring you my ideas on how to stay colourful this winter.


First things first, colour blocking. This is a super simple way to co-ordinate some colour into your outfit without having to give it too much thought. My general rule of thumb is to make at least 2/3 of your outfit in the same colour family. Try matching a long coat, sweater, and shoes/an accessory to give your outfit a much needed pop of colour. 

Take my outfit below with this green TOPSHOP Ottoman Cropped Sweater and TOPSHOP Lily Relaxed Crombie Coat. I paired it with TOPSHOP Jamie Jeans (My absolute FAVE) and a TOPSHOP Trim Baker Boy Hat



Not feeling a full burst of colour? That’s alright. Add a colourful accessory into your mix to say “Yes, I’m fun, but I’m not a human candy cane.” Try a purse, a hat, or a colourful scarf, to give yourself a boost of confidence on a dull winter day. 


Ah, old faithful. When in doubt, throw on a patterned or colour blocked jacket. Perfect for a walk with the fam or friends during the holidays. Wear whatever you want underneath, everyone will just be looking at your jacket 


Looking to help a loved one beat the winter blues? Try giving them one of the TopShop x Hudson’s Bay pieces above, they’re a perfect holiday gift. Click HERE to shop. If you’re not sure about sizing, check out my ShopStyle for a bunch of accessories that will help get the job done.

Happy Holidays! Stay Warm!

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