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What to Wear to a Polo Match (or an Elegant Outdoor Soirée)

What to Wear to a Polo Match (or an Elegant Outdoor Soirée)

This year I was fortunate enough to get invited to the annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New York. I can’t lie, I was over the moon when I received the email. I’ve always seen this event on social media and jumped at my chance to attend.

Then the reality set it, what to wear?

Since it was my first year, I wanted to play it safe and not go too outside the box. I wore a fun, summer-y yellow and cream floral dress from Reformation. My Off White X Jimmy Choo strappy heels and a sun hat, I also brought white cat eye sunglasses.


We spent the day enjoying endless champagne, watching polo, and chatting with a ton of interesting people – Veuve Cliquot definitely knows how to throw a party.


I did love my outfit. It was chic, weather appropriate, and comfortable, but if I were to do it again, I would change a few things. So, here are my recommendations for your next polo match…or any outdoor event elegant in nature.



Ok, I loved my shoes but I definitely messed up. The strappy heels are cute, but when its hot and you’ve been standing for a long time, your feet swell.. and you end up with Kim K pregnancy feet like I did. Keep the shoes comfy and not strappy. Same goes for the heel. My heel was a stiletto type, which was fine because I was in the VIP area which wasn’t on the grass but a lower block heel would definitely be ideal.


This all depends on the weather. A sundress is a classic, its safe, airy and will be comfy and keep you cool the whole day. If you wanted to be more daring, I think wide leg trousers with a top would be a great look or a midi skirt and a top. Going outside of the box will make you stand out amongst the sea of bright coloured dresses.   


Hat or No Hat?

The hat dilemma. When do you ever really get the opportunity to wear a huge hat and fit in with the crowd? Never. So, I took the opportunity. Fun fact: I regretted it. I took it off maybe 10 minutes in and didn’t wear it again. It was hot and the hat just made me hotter. If you get get a cute fascinator I think that would be great, or if you know you’re going to be on the grass and not in a covered area, bring a hat so you don’t get heat stroke.

So, here’s the jist: wear something that is comfortable, weather appropriate, and that makes you feel confident.  


A huge thank you to Veuve Cliquot and the whole team for having us. We can't wait until next year!