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With the weather getting warmer and the days getting the longer, that can only mean we are getting closer and closer to swim season! Although it’s still too cold in Toronto for pool days and cottage weekends, there’s never really a bad time to shop for bathing suits. Whether you are packing for a tropical vacation or are just preparing for warmer days, you always want to have a few suits on hand that you feel your best in. 

I know that bathing suit shopping isn’t the most fun experience (tips for trying on bathingsuits at the end!). Trying on countless swimsuits in a badly-lit dressing room and having a mild melt down. The worst. And now, with online shopping, there are a ton of options and you’re never quite sure wether its going to look good or not until it arrives at your door. 

We all know that there’s nothing better than finding a bathing suit that fits you perfectly and makes you feel confident af – I literally have kept bathing suits for years, even when they were fraying and falling apart, because they just fit so well. Each year we seen trends of bathing suits comes and go, so I’ve put together a small list of my top trends for this year! Stay tuned for my bathing suit collection 2019 video coming out soon!



There have been a lot of retro patterns in swimwear recently – stripes, polka dots, hounds tooth, gingham – you name it. I am loving it. I own a lot of neutral or plain coloured bathing suits, and this is such a fun way to add something different to your collection. The retro style isn’t just coming out in patterns but also fits. The high waisted bottoms and bustier type tops are really in and super flattering for a lot of body types. Pro tip: One pieces and cute swim tops can also be worn as shirts!


Animal Prints

Leopard print, snakeskin, and other animal prints are all having a moment in fashion. I got my first leopard print suit last year, and I fell in love. It’s sexy and playful, without being over the top. The browns in the leopard print accentuate your tan, making it a really flattering print. Currently, animal print outperforms other swimwear content on Instagram by 108% and holds top-seller status among Who What Wear readers (stat from Who What Wear). This print also works with every style of suit, so pick what you feel best in!



Neon swimsuits have been really popular this season and I am excited to add a few more to my collection. While neon stuff has a bad rep for sometimes looking cheap and cheesy, I find that it gives a cool girl look in swimwear (especially with a tan!!). There are so many different and fun colours to go with – yellow, green, orange etc. and are fun in every shape and style. I have a yellow swimsuit that I love wearing (its bright but not neon!), as it makes me look more tanned and bronzed and who doesn’t want that?



Whether it’s a full piece or a two-piece, I’m really into sporty bathing suits. I grew up in the Beaches of Toronto playing beach volleyball and spent my summers up north playing in the lake and doing water sports.  So not only are these sporty styles extremely practical for summer activities they’re cute as hell. I love this solid and striped one below but I’m excited to add some true sporty options into my collection!

IMG_1636 2.JPG

Remember, the most flattering bathing suit for you is the one you feel the most comfortable in. There’s nothing cute about feeling awkward and constantly readjusting. So try on a ton, find what you feel is the most flattering and have a fun summer!

tips for trying on bathing suits

  • have a glow - do a little fake tanning the night before so you’re not feeling super pasty

  • don’t try on when you’re on or going to get your period - we all know we dont feel our best during that time of month

  • have your hair and makeup done the way you feel most confident!