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Everyone talks about Paris in the spring. But, let's give Paris in the fall a moment, shall we? I packed decently well for this trip but I made a few mistakes here and there (seems to be the same mistakes I always make). I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did so Im going to break down a packing list for you as well as Do's & Don'ts. 

Do: Bring a few different cute pairs of sneakers: sneakers were huge in Paris, everyone was wearing them and they're perfect for all of the walking you'll be doing.
Don't: Bring more than one pair of heels. You probably won't wear them. A wore a heeled bootie once and felt that it wouldn't have been the end of the world if I didn't have them. Unless you have a fancy event to go to, they're not necessary.

Do: Bring a few different coat options. Although some days were warm, the nights were always chilly. Bring lighter coats and layer underneath.
Don't: Forget sweaters. I repeat. Don't forget sweaters. They make great layering piece and this is something I always forget to pack.

Do: Pack a purse that also turns into a backpack or a fanny pack! Easy to wear, cute and they aren't heavy and annoying to carry!
Don't:Pack a heavy shoulder bag. They just suck to carry around all day. 

Do: basic, easy to match tee's and tops
Don't: lots of print, one time wears

Do: Pack trousers! Also a really big trend in Paris. Trousers and sneakers, so cute. 
Don't: Pack more than 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of black pants. Unnecessary. 

Do: Keep the colour palette pretty neutral so you can mix and match


Cream Sweater: Cream sweater is a must. It's easy to wear, matches everything, you can wear it by itself or you can layer it. 
Black Turtle Neck: Super chic. Easy to pack. Layerable. 
White V Neck: I can't go anywhere without a few good white tee's. I shouldn't even have to explain why this is a must. 
Grey Sweater: Cute, warm, layerable, goes with everything. 
White Crewneck: Again, do I need to explain?
Red Turtle Neck: This one might through you off, but it would look really cute on its own or paired under any of the sweaters. 

Navy Trouser: Wanted to add something different than black. You can wear these during the day casually or at night for a sophisticated look. 
Black Jeans: A staple. 
Red Trouser: A splash of colour, these pair with all of the pieces in this wardrobe. They add something different to the colour palette but still keep you looking smart. 
Vintage Jeans: These are for the more casual days, they're easy to bum around in. They're comfortable and they can be paired with anything to give a more casual easy-going look. 

Trench: I like an oversized nonstructured trench. It's easy to pack. Its also a great coat when it rains and you can layer anything under it. 
Camel Overcoat:  Super chic. Wear with trousers and sneakers or black jeans and chelsea boots. Either way, looks amazing. 
Leather: I don't think I can go anywhere without a leather jacket. Toughens up any look. Layer under an overcoat or trench or wear on its own for a night out. 
Grey Overcoat: Really versatile piece. Great for chillier days and night. It can be paired with anything. 
Checked Blazer: Pair this over a white tee and under a trench coat and you automatically look like a blogger.

Slides: Really easy to walk around in and can be worn at night
White Sneakers: They go with everything and are SO comfy. 
Coloured Sneakers: You definitely will need two pairs of sneakers so they dont get smelly and dirty. I opted for some coloured ones. 
Chelsea Boots: Can never go wrong with a black boot. 

Dress: I added this knit dress for the days it's a bit warmer, you can wear it with sneakers and a leather. But, it's also a great piece to have in case any last minute for fancy plans come up, you'll have a dress ready to wear. 

Sweats: NEED
Sweatshirt: for lounging around the room
Pjs: DUH

Scarf: It's just good to have one. Put it in your carryon and let it keep you warm on the plane
Backpack Bag: It's great because you can go hands-free when you're walking around the city. 
Fanny pack Bag: This can be a fanny pack or a cute night out bag. Again, hands-free! 
Round Sunglasses: Pick your favourite sunglasses and bring those. 
Cateye Sunglasses: Bring a more standout pair for those days you're feeling risky! 

Things to think about:
Formal dress: If you have a special occasion while your there you may want to pack a more formal outfit. I would suggest a dress that is easy to roll up and doesn't wrinkle. 
Heels: I brought a pair and didn't end up wearing them but I also had nothing really important to do there. It might be a necessity for you. 
Midi Skirt: I think midi skirts are fun. If you have room, pack a midi skirt, either pleated or ribbed. It will add something different to your look and be comfy and chic.