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Alright. Here is my post about Miami. I'm going to give you the rundown of what we did, where we stayed, what we wore and what we ate.

Day 1: YYZ --> Miami. I arrived at the airport, sick as a dog, wearing cotton citizen milan sweats, a white tee, leather jacket and high top converse. I brought a carry-on suitcase and a large purse. We took a midday flight to Miami and arrived at the Confidante Hotel in Mid-Beach. The hotel was beautiful. It had retro Miami vibes and reminded me a lot of the Drake here in Toronto. Very my aesthetic. On this day we went on a mission for shake shack, then came home watched tv, ordered chinese food and then passed out.

Day 2: We woke up and it was raining. Devastating. I got up, meditated, we went to go get a coffee and croissant and then Shirin got her nails done and I went to the gym (she later joined me). We then really didn't know what to do so we went to Bal Harbour shops (... out of our price range) walked around, grabbed some food. Then I came back and we did some work. It stopped raining later that day so we put on our bathing suits and went for a swim. I had my first dip in my Goosebury one piece (which im obsessed with) then we went for dinner. 



Day 3: A sunny day! We morning routine'd and then we hit the beach. By the middle of the day it began to get a little cloudy so we went back to the mall to find shape tape (fail). During magic hour, we took all of the photos that I have been posting on my instagram and then we grabbed some food and that night we went to liv (we stayed there for literally 10 minutes, so not our scene). 

Day 4: This was our last day and it was really sunny! We beached most of the day, then hit the wynwood art district. Such a cool vibe there. That night we went to Soho Beach House for dinner and some drinks and then we went to bed. 

Day 5: Got work done in the morning and then... MIA --> YYZ

You can see this whole trip in YouTube video