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Summer is a special time in Toronto. We've survived 8 months of winter and are ready for warm weather, seeing friends, hanging on patios and getting a nice summer glow. I've already done a Toronto Guide to travel around Toronto like a local but I thought a summer edition was appropriate since we tend to jam pack a lot of events into a short few months. If you're looking for places to stay, check the other guide. This post will centre around eating, drinking and fun things to do! 

What to Wear: 

It seems that when people think of Canada they think of maple syrup and igloo's. Well, think again. Summer in Toronto can get HOT (and humid and muggy) with temperature's climbing to the mid 30C (86F). 

  • Toronto is extremely casual. Shorts, summer dresses and jeans are the way to go. Sneakers are a must in this city. Its honestly like people are competing to see who can get away with being the most casual at any event.

  • Bring a light sweater or jacket for the evenings. The city is known to cool down during the night time.

  • For going out outfits you can really get away with anything. Again, its a pretty casual place. One of my favourite going out outfits is Jeans, heeled bootie's (or just straight heels) and a tucked in tee.

Patio SZN: 

  • Drake Sky Yard: I've spoken about The Drake before. Well in the summer, they open up the rooftop. Cool aesthetic, good food and an easy vibe.


The Drake Sky Yard


  • El Catrin: This patio is so epic. First of all its in the distillery district which is stunning, second of all, it's huge and so aesthetically pleasing. There's even a massive fireplace to the patio szn extends into the fall as well.


El Catrin

Distillery Disctrict

  • Grand Electric: I had to add grand electric because I can't live without these tacos. I've mentioned them before and will continue to mention them until you try it. They are opening up another location near Trinity Bellwoods but hidden in the back of the parkdale location there's a patio!

  • Terroni Price St.: TE 👏RON 👏NI 👏 If you live in Toronto and haven't been to Terroni, I'm honestly not sure what you're doing with your life. The food there is incredible, I'm partial to the Spaghetti Limone (it has a ton of cheese so I can literally only have this once a year). But let's talk about the Price St Location. Head uptown a little to midtown, order a glass of wine and enjoy the stunning patio. It's not touristy at all and will be filled with locals from the area.


Terroni Price St.

photo: Flickr


  • El Ray: Located in Kensignton Market its a small bar with a warm Mexican vibe. They have a nice patio and amazing margaritas! It doesn’t get too rowdy but its definitely a fun spot to grab a bunch of friends and have some drinks.

  • Locals Only: I think I spent one full summer there and literally never left. They have both drinks and food. The drinks are great and the food is delicious. The staff are super nice and welcoming. It's definitely one of those places you want to become a local. Before you leave, make sure you take a drunk mirror selfie in one of the bathrooms!

Parks + Outdoor Activities

  • Trinity Bellwoods: This is hipster central. On a sunny Saturday grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and hang out in the park.

  • The Beach: I would highly suggest not going to Woodbine beach but heading a bit further east where the locals hang out. Way less busy and much more enjoyable.

  • Kensington Market: Dirty, smelly, and fucking incredible. Kensington Market is so charming. There's a ton of vintage stores, places to eat and definitely a hot spot for people watching.

  • Toronto Island: If you're looking to lie on a beach and get your tan on the Island is the place to go. A short ferry ride over and you're on a little oasis outside of the city. There's a few different beaches on the islands, just be aware one of them is the nude beach!

The Beaches/Leuty Lifeguard Station

The Beaches/Leuty Lifeguard Station


  • Concerts at Budweiser Stage: Our summer concert venue is really fun. If there's a band you like that's playing there while you're in town, I suggest you buy the cheapest tickets, pre-drink and enjoy partying in the back on the lawn.

  • PRIDE: Pride weekend is the best weekend of the summer. Sunshine, a plethora of drinks and everyone loving on each other? Now, that's something I am most definitely interested in.

  • Beaches Jazz Festival: A one-weekend party at the end of July. I may be a bit bias because I grew up in the beaches and this was something we always looked forward to but Jazz Festival Street Fest is such a good time. Tons of live music and food trucks, you'll see a ton of highschoolers out with their backpacks and coffee cups filled with booze. Just be aware that a lot of the bars up the age to 23-25 for entry.

  • Street Festivals: We have no shortage of street festivals in Toronto: Dundas West Fest, Taste of Little Italy, Taste of the Danforth, Pride, Caribana, Canadian National Exhibition. Just do a bit of research and see whats going on while you're in town, I'm sure there will be something fun!

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Summer is a special time in Toronto, we only get a short 2-3 months of it so we defnitly know how to make the most of it. Thanks for reading and enjoy your visit!