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  • Freehand: My most budget friendly option. The Freehand is a mix between a hostel and a hotel. Don’t be fooled its definitely NOT what you think a typical hostel is. This is better than some normal hotels i’ve stayed at. I love the decor, the people are friendly, and they have lots of great food options!

  • The Ludlow Hotel: One of my favourite hotels. I love the Lower East Side. This hotel is super cozy, the rooms will make you never want to leave and the bathrooms are the cutest on IG.

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bananas in pyjamas 🍌

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"meet me in the bathroom" that's what she said

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  • The Standard Highline: If you want to stay in meatpacking this is the hotel for you. The views from each room are INCREDIBLE. I love how bright and airy the rooms are. The only thing I will say is that the shower is glass therefore you can see whoever you’re staying with showering, so make sure you’re chill with that.

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mid century very modern

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  • 1 Hotel Central Park: If you’re down to splurge a little I’d do it here. This hotel is super eco friendly without giving up any of the luxury. Its steps away from the base of central park, has a really nice gym and good room service.

  • Public Hotel: Stay here is you’re not going to be in your room too much. The rooms are small but really well designed (I mean.. its Ian Schrager). Again, weird bathrooms where its like one sided see through, but more privacy than the standard. They also have a good bagel place downstairs that has tofu cream cheese for all my non dairy people.

  • The Edition: The Edition is also a splurge hotel but they’re so well designed and smell so good I couldn’t not put it on the list. Beautifully decorated (again, Ian Schrager), its what I like to call new luxury.

  • 11 Howard: Stayed here once and loved the experience. Right in the heart of Soho!


  • Russ & Daughters: I die for Russ & Daughters. If you love Jewish food, go here. So good. It gets really busy so I’d either go on weekday if you can or try to get there early. They don’t take morning reservations but it’s definitely worth the wait.

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starting it off right

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  • Freemans: I’ve only been here once but its out of the way down and ally and the food was really good. I went in the winter and the interior was so cozy I felt like I should order a tea and write a book.

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happy christmas eve

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  • Jacks Wife Frieda: A staple.

  • Bubbys: Big family style restaurant, you really feel like you’re at your bubbys diner.

  • Sadelles: Personally, I would choose Russ & Daughters over Sadelles but they have the bagel tower and I know people love that.

  • Best Bagel & Coffee: A quick to go spot, I grabbed bagels here when I was a bit hungover getting ready for Gov Ball. It’s good… can you tell I love bagels?

  • Buvette: Best eggs.


  • Ivan Ramen: I try to hit Ivan Ramen every time I’m in New York. If you haven’t seen the Chef’s Table episode about him, watch it. The Chicken Paitan is my favourite, so different from any other ramen I’ve had.

  • Tacombi: I also go here every time Im in NY. Taco’s goood, Vibe gooood, price gooooood.

  • abcV: A vegan spot! I went here for a meeting, the vibe was really nice and they had a lot of amazing vegan options on the menu.

  • Eataly: I feel like I dont need to explain this.

  • Blue Ribbon Sushi: In Soho, really great fish, really great Shu mei. It’s a bit pricy but the fish was so good, it was worth it.


  • Han Dynasty: Ok I actually haven’t been here but I’ve heard amazing things. I love dan dan and this place has it, so next time i’m in NY i’ll check it out and report back.

  • Joe’s Pizza: Unfortunately I can’t eat pizza but this is a classic NYC spot and the pizza looks unbelievable. Will I get a stomach ache and breakout for it? Maybe.

  • Xi’an Famous Foods: I don’t know if you can tell but I love asian food. Xi’an famous foods serves authentic western chinese dishes. Its super affordable for the amount of food you get. I could have definitely split a noddle dish and some dumplings and been satisfied. A great cheep eat in NYC.


  • Carbone: I dont think I need to say anything about Carbone. It’s a classic.

  • Chinese Tuxedo: I’ve heard amazing things, the vibe looks incredible and its on my list for next time.

  • The Aviary: One of my favourite dining experiences. The first Grant Achatz restaurant not in Chicago, its definitely worth checking out. Extremely expensive but the quality of food, atmosphere and view you’ll get here isn’t like anything else. If you don’t want to spend that much on a full dinner, I highly recommend coming here for a cocktail and a snack! They have

  • Blue Hill: Ugh, I die for blue hill. Again, please watch the Chef’s Table episode on Dan Barber. A sustainable restaurant that actually cares what they’re serving you. Their menu changes per whats in season so its one of those places you can go back to a few times and get a completely different experience. This is definitely a splurge type of restaurant.

  • Simon and the Whale: Located in the bottom of the freehand, the food is really delicious. I absolutely love the decor, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.


  • The Standard East Village for Drag Bingo: The most fun you’ll have on a Sunday night.

  • Mister Paradise: In LES. Cute atmosphere, good bar bites and fun drinks. Apparently the burger is really good.

  • Joyface: Kind of like stepping into a 70s beach house, its really well curated and the bartenders are all really friendly. I don’t think there’s a cocktail list they just make you whatever you want.

  • The Campbell: When Serena slept with Nate at the Campbell Wedding? That was here.

  • Broken Shaker: On the top of the freehand, great outdoor space when its warm but still a nice vibe if you’re sitting inside. Its a really chill spot with lots of great cocktails, they also have those fun communal cocktails!

  • Peachys: I was just recommended to go here. I haven’t been yet but apparently it’s really cool. You can’t take photos in there, but the atmosphere and cocktails are apparently great. Definitely going next time i’m in the city.

  • Miss Lily’s: Heard the food is whatever but its super fun for drinks!


  • Milk Bar: Do yourself a favour and go. Personal faves are: cereal ice cream, crack pie and compost cookie. Sasha loves the birthday truffle… so I mean just get it all. Its worth it.

  • Sweet Churros: This doesn’t need an explanation. There is nothing better than Fried dough.


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the future of retail

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  • Reformation on Bond: A really cool shopping experience and I love Ref :)

  • Glossier: There’s not that many stores worldwide, so if you’re here might as well hit it.

  • Tokio 7: Can definitely find some great consignment designer finds, just be in the mood to look!

  • INA: There’s a few around the city. Has some great designer finds, but hit or miss for sure.

  • New Top: Featured in Vogue, a lot of stylists get their cheap gold jewellery here.

  • Dover Street Market: Kind of a museum, kind of a store. Its a really cool shopping experience, highly recommend.

  • Procell: Small consignment, cheaper than some of the bigger name consignment stores.

  • The Real Real: I go here every time I’m in New York. So many great designer finds! There’s also a cafe and patio downstairs!

  • What Goes Around Comes Around: Never been here but heard good things, especially if you’re looking for real luxury designer pieces.

  • Frankie Shop: I go here every time Im in Paris or New York. I love what they have, its a small little shop with the cutest pieces. More of a mid range price point and minimalistic look.


  • MoMA: Museum of Modern Art

  • The Whitney: Another modern art museum

  • The High line: Love grabbing a coffee and walking along the high line!

  • Central Park: I mean, its so big and theres so much to do in there. A great Sunday afternoon stroll in any season.

  • Comedy Cellar: I’m obsessed with comedy so anytime i can go see stand up, i’m down. A lot of famous comedians will roll through and do sets here some nights as well, so you never know what you’re going to get.

  • MET: Its a massive museum but they have really cool exhibits and its really beautiful. Located in the Upper East Side, even if you don’t want to go in, grab a coffee or lunch and sit on the steps and live your gossip girl dreams.

  • Museum of Natural History: Located in the Upper West Side. I went here during my first trip to New York and thought it was really cool!

  • Soho DUMBO: If you’re a member I definitely recommend checking out this house. Great work space, a pool, and really good food :)


  • Flat Iron

  • Soho

  • Brooklyn Bridge

  • Manhattan Bridge at Dumbo

  • Nomo Soho

  • New York Public Library

  • Andre Dore Cafe

  • Guggenheim

  • Bethseda Fountain

  • Stone Street

  • Top of the Rock

  • Washington Square Park

New York is massive and there’s no way you can do the whole city in one trip. Try to break your days down into specific neighbourhoods so you’re not running around the city, spending a ton of time and money on the subway or uber. Its a great walking city, so take it all in and enjoy!