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Blogpost is sponsored by Nordstrom & ShopStyle

If you’ve been following along on my IG you would know that I just got home from travelling for 20 days. Travelling is amazing, I get to experience new places, people and cultures all while creating amazing content for you. But, with travelling comes some difficulty in keeping any sort of routine. I was only able to workout about 5 times in 20 days and its really really difficult to keep a healthy diet.

So, now I’m back in the city and need to get my life back together. It can be hard to find the motivation to get back into the gym after so long so what I did was I hit up my local Nordstrom to check out the Nordstrom Spring Sale and bought myself a new workout set. I always find that having something cute to wear the gym gives me a little extra push to go. To me, the hardest part about going to the gym is actually getting myself there.

Every spring Nordstrom has a HUGE spring sale where you can get up to 50% off brands like Reformation, Madewell, Vince + more. The sale is only until April 22nd, so head to or go in store to check it out!


I picked up these Alo Yoga leggings in a size XS, they’re super high waisted and are very comfortable. The bra top is Zella Activewear, this fit is super flattering on my body and I love the way the colours work together.

Nordstrom also has a ton of shoes on sale, I like to have a few pairs of running shoes for the gym so they dont get stinky and so they match different outfits.


So for the next month I’m challenging myself to go to the gym 4+ times a week, eat well 6x a week and meditate every single day! Im not going to beat myself up if I miss a day or fail but I think that for me, these goals are achievable and leave room for having unhealthy meals, fun nights and living life! Then after the month is up I can reevaluate if its working for me or hopefully it will just be so engrained into my life that Ill just keep doing it!

Im hoping now that Im home and can get back into a routine, this blog post will hold me accountable for my fitness and health goals. I would love if you could comment what your spring and summer goals are so we can be on this journey together!